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About eSight

eSight is an amazing technological breakthrough – electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see.

eSight is the only patented wearable solution that enables people with a vission loss to see again in the way that they often reach the level of regular sight. eSight 3 is a versatile, wearable, hands-free solution that provides sight without the need for any surgery. It allows you to do things that you were not able to do for years or perhaps for decades. In accordance with EU regulations, eSight Eyewear bears the CE Mark. eSight Eyewear is registered with EUDAMED, the European Databank on Medical Devices.

eSight is a new patented breakthrough technology. It is the only innovation of its type, anywhere in the world, that allows the legally blind to actually see.

Who does eSight work for?

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What can eSight do?

eSight can restore your vision so you can enjoy mobility and independence as you engage in virtually all activities of daily living. Read and write, see loved ones, live an active lifestyle, engage in previously abandoned hobbies and even travel the world, all with eSight.

No matter what will eSight users do with their restored sight, the quality of their lives improves significantly. Some because they can see after many years, some for the first time.

Brýle eSight

What can you do with eSight?

What activities can eSight user do?
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